Academy Of Magic


Academy of Magic (AOM) is NOT a simple 3 degrees of Wicca access point. If that is all you are looking for then please LOOK ELSEWHERE.


The aim of Academy of Magic is to remove the "Craft” from the stigma attached to it by such fashionable entertainment programs as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Charmed" and others of their ilk.


The serious student should appreciate that this is an abstruse subject touching on matters such as

Herbalism, (for which a reasonable knowledge of anatomy\physiology is required);

Language skills (such as Old Hebrew);

Mythology and Folklore;         

Numerology (mathematics);

Astrology (astronomy);

Construction and Understanding of Talismans (metallurgy\metal working, including jewellers skills);

Symbolism and Symbolic Languages;

Magical alphabets and other skills (such as (the obvious) Spell Casting for which Rhyme and Metre are important);

Many of these disciplines are predicated upon historical perspectives for which simply relying upon translated works or judicious use of dictionaries proves woefully inadequate!

We are approaching the subject of Magic from a scrupulously academic point of view and anticipate that our institution may be well respected as the pre-eminent University within its field.